Audi of America

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Key AJR Personnel

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Alex Job – Team Owner
Holly Job – Team Co-Owner
Phil Howard – Team Manager
Ken Davison – Historic Shop Manager/Special Projects
Carol Ann Mueller – Team Coordinator
Phil Pierce – Track Engineer
Frank Yeung – Data
Mike Spinti – Strategy
Hugh Goshop – Truck Driver/Fueler
Kerry Foote – Mechanic 
Hugo Borja – Mechanic
Pablo Diaz – Mechanic
Cody Gundlach – Mechanic/Composites
Manny Martinez – Mechanic/Composites
Matt Prescott – Tires/Equipment
David Steffey – Machinist/Fabricator
Gunther Hohl – Equipment
Hector Tejada – Pit Equipment/Driver Assistant
Josh King – Tires

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